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About Us

Hi, I'm Megan. I'm a grower, educator, landscape designer, and farmer-florist--my work has always been centered around my deep connection to plants. 


Education and plants are where I find value and meaning, so naturally, I gravitated toward farming and farm-to-school education to share my creativity and love for growing. 


After landscaping for 20 years and farming for 8, I knew I wanted to do something different and Sprig Flower Farm in Stowe, Vermont took root. 


Leaning on my love for the botanical and unique, I grow a diverse offerings and fresh product.  Thanks to my landscaping background, I developed a profound respect for unique foliage, texture, structure and growth habits of funky plant materials. 


In Vermont, we have a short growing season, which means as a grower I seek out plant varieties that are both hardy and unique. It takes a while to establish the perennial and woody ornamentals I grow, but they're worth the wait and investment in time.


You'll find Sprig Flower Farm at the Stowe Farmers' Market and we deliver distinctive plant material to flower shops, special events, local residents and visitors.                   


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